Meet the Team

Directors & Management

Stephen Kempton

General Manager – Sales & Marketing
Joined OPEX

September 2015


Promote the OPEX brand and its core values into the marketplace – offering robust and innovative logistics solutions to industrial and retail clients.

Career path before OPEX

20+ years in corporate account development (including OPEX!) with multi-national oil companies – including DKV and Q8.

Hobbies & Interests

Family, kayaking, surfing, rugby, Guinness!




Dictionary definition: "The quality of being trustworthy and of performing consistently well"

We think that sums up the OPEX approach to business - and results in a service customers will come back for time after time.


Openness and honesty are critical to building trust. We always communicate this way with all our customers and build straightforward, transparent lines of communication.


Exceeding our customers' expectations has been instrumental in achieving consistent, profitable growth since 2003. The OPEX team is committed and experienced; give us your logistics challenge and judge our performance for yourself!


OPEX strives to exceed all its regulatory obligations relating to fleet operations, health & safety, and general business disciplines.

To underpin this commitment we have attained the ISO 9001 quality standard and passed our audit with flying colours

All processes and procedures are documented, instigated and monitored - which contributes to a consistent, positive customer experience.

Providing first class transport and logistics services worldwide.

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